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Three morning papers, three worlds

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I picked up the newspapers on my porch this morning: the Vancouver Sun, the Globe & Mail, and the Vancouver Courier.

Wow.  You’d think these folks cover the news in alternate universes.

In the Sun: aside from a second  op-ed piece by Elizabeth Nickson poo-pooing the carbon tax (and as riddled with errors as her first one), and a expose by Barbara Yaffe on how oh-my-god it’s gonna be soooo hard to meet carbon targets in the transportation sector (no mention of transit), the business pages were lauding the praises of the projected development of northern BC, with breathless descriptions of how new gold and metal mines, hydro projects, pipelines, dams, and what-have-you will make BC so rich eventually.

Then I pick up the Globe and learn, from the business pages, that the outlook for gold is down, and mining in general is suffering, and natural resources sector brokers are being laid-off on Bay street.  Huh?

(In fairness to the Sun, at least the on-line edition carried the report by the Norway-based International Gas Union that Canadian LNG projects are likely to be so expensive as to never make any money.)

And the Vancouver Courier had a nice story on how a homeowner has renovated a Vancouver Special into a model of energy efficiency (there’s a tour September 21); and a very nice profile of Kevin Washbrook, the Vancouver-based activist who is organizing against the proposal of coal exports through Vancouver Port and Texada Island (the Courier’s profile can’t be read on-line, but it’s accessible here).

There you have it: in one universe, natural resources will makeus rich, because that’s how it’s always been.  In the other, we learn that the world doesn’t want natural resources anymore, because there are better and more efficient ways to run an economy, and this is where the rest of the world is going.

Wake up, BC!  BC?  BC?!?


Written by enviropaul

August 23, 2013 at 2:15 pm

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