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Climate news on a rainy Monday in September

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Sewage geyser in the Colorado flood.

Sewage geyser in the Colorado flood.

I opened my facebook page this morning and an avalanche of climate news tumbled out.  So I thought I’d put them all together in a single blog entry. Here goes.

The Guardian has several articles on a number of aspects of climate change.  John Abraham and Dana Nuccitelli illustrate the strategies of the climate deniers, through the Murdoch papers, ahead of the upcoming release of the IPCC report.  Alison Kemper and Roger Martin write that we are underestimating the severity of climate change and underfunding innovation, using the Calgary flood as an example.  Martin Lucaks opines that building oil pipelines through Canada is a great swindle, not a nation-building exercise.

The National Geographic writes about the Colorado flash floods in the context of climate change, a topic echoed  in the Arctic News blog, where Sam Carana discusses how the Colorado flooding catastrophe and climate change may be related, and reminds readers that the flood is spreading hydrocarbons and fracking fluids as it destroys the infrastructure.  In the same site David Spratt reviews a report entitled “is climate change already dangerous?”.

Broken infrastructure: the shape of things to come? In Colorado.

Broken infrastructure: the shape of things to come? In Colorado.

As if answering the question, Bob Litterman, former head of risk management at Goldman Sacks, writes about assigning a price to climate risks.

In a lighter vein, Jake Richardson compiled a nice set of environmental quotes by Einstein and muses about what the great man would have said if he were alive today.

Jennifer, a student in my Environmental Protection program, brought to my attention the upcoming conference at York University entitled Work in a Warming World: Labour, Climate Change, and Social Struggle.  (She’s going, and I’m envious.)

RealClimate, one of the best climate scientific forums, features a new post on the Holocene climate, detailing the progress that has been made since Michael Mann and colleagues created the famous Hockey stick graph a decade ago.  The results were clear back then: it is clear that the warming trend in the last fifty years is real and not due to natural causes.  The new findings reinforce that, but give insight into how climate has changed – justifying the title “the end of the Holocene”.  An excellent, if technical, read; I’ll just reproduce the key figure here, it’s pretty eloquent.

The Marcott temperature curve (recent warming looks natural, yes?)

The Marcott temperature curve (recent warming looks natural, yes?)

And, in case you had any doubts, a group of prominent scientists declared that human activity is the cause of global warming, and typhoon Man-yi has displaced half a million people in Japan.

Yup.  It’s a Monday.


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September 16, 2013 at 6:23 pm

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