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Weird architecture: the unique Villa E96

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Who says an envirohouse has to look boring? That must have been the reaction of architect Heinrich Stöter. His Villa E96, on tony Elbchaussee, has become an eye-catching landmark.

The building features an array of solar thermal collectors in the façade, arranged in a seemingly random fashion; solar PV on the roof; rain water collection; heat recovery ventilation; and durable, naturally sourced construction materials. Impressive environmental creds, especially considering the house was built in 1996.IMG_8038

The whimsical 800 m2 creation – dubbed “poetic high-tech baroque” by its creator – is used as an art gallery and a venue for special events. But above all, it is an architecture statement. “This approach gives us an insight into the ecological buildings of the future”, says the creator, “we use the most modern technology available in order to live in an environmentally-conscious fashion”. Money was no object, either; at 2600 deutsche marks per square meter, the building costs were double that of a standard luxury building at the time.

IMG_8036Say what you will about it, it is daring. What impresses me most, though, is that after nearly two decades it still looks new; chalk it to quality design or quality materials, it has stood the test of time.  Weird, maybe, but making a case for sustainability – at least in high end construction.

Details (in German) can be found here, here and here.


Written by enviropaul

October 27, 2015 at 8:53 am

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