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“Mechanical parking systems” – uh?

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A dumb-waiter for cars...

A dumb-waiter for cars…

In my last post I mentioned that the new MONAD building in Kits has a mechanical parking system.  To quote myself: “I’m a bit ambivalent about those.  On the one hand, a green building should not be car-dependant; but on the other, it saves space, and reflects the reality of car ownership.  Even in uber-green German cities, one sees these contraptions.”

But what are these? Here’s an example, from Hamburg.  It’s in a fancy building in the Neustadt neighbourhood, in other words, pretty much smack downtown.  This used to be a dense, working class neighbourhood (and an actual slum before then), but it is now a sought-after neighbourhood, near downtown, canals, etc.

The buildings, canal-side

The buildings, canal-side

In Vancouver such a neighbourhood would be Yaletown-like, restricted to only the well-off.  Not so in Hamburg; the city has managed to keep a stock of affordable rental units.  This makes it easier to stomach the sight of these luxurious contraptions that seclude the cars of the wealthy.  But, on the practical side, if car-ownership is a non-negotiable item, this is how you can have it all: density, liveability, and cars.

Besides that, geek that I am, I just thought these were cool…



Written by enviropaul

November 6, 2016 at 11:28 am

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